Selecting your Country and Language


Our Account Center enables you to select which country will be prioritized in the AutoComplete options.

See below the two methods to select and prioritize your targeted countries.

Please note that these settings are specific to and set within each integration.

Preview Settings

On the preview page of your integration, you can select a country and language which will also provide a sample address.

Selecting the country on this page will prioritize the Autocomplete results for that country.

The purpose of this is to mimic the experience of a user based in that country.

Selecting a country and language on this page does not change the Javascript Control Integration permanently .

Even when searching for a common street name, the priority will be Irish addresses.

By choosing another country and setting a different language, this will also be reflected on the form.

Localization Settings

By choosing the Default Country and Default Language in the settings, the selected country will be prioritized for the Autocomplete options, while the Javascript Control's text will use the chosen language.

To set these defaults, navigate to your Integration, click Settings and then click Advanced.

Here you can choose your default country and language that are most suitable for your integrations.

There are two further settings that must be noted when choosing the default country and language.

  • When Use GEO-IP location bias is toggled on, it will prioritize the country that the user is based in rather than the default country that is set.
  • When Use Browser language setting is toggled on, it will use the language of the browser of the user rather than the default language that is set.

Below is an example of the default country set to France and default language set to French. The Address Form will reflect the language selected and the options returned will prioritize addresses in France by default.

Ensure both Use GEO-IP location bias and Use Browser language setting are unticked for this scenario to work as expected.