Address Verification

What is Address Verification?

We source our address data from quality data providers, like USPS and Royal Mail, that contain verified deliverable addresses which are regularly updated.

An example we can look at is a street in London, UK where the numbers 150, 152 and 154 do not exist.

If a customer attempts to enter "150 Longhill Road", our system would not present any matching options for Longhill Road, LONDON. Instead, they would be prompted to input their address manually.

We will pass the entered address to you without an Autoaddress unique address identifier, which is your confirmation that the address is verified as deliverable.

Why is this important?

Capturing verified addresses reduces your cost and time associated with failed deliveries, and can reduce your risk of fraud.

What about Google?

When an address is entered into Google Maps, the platform will attempt to locate it, regardless of its actual existence.

In our example above Google will happily accept 150 Longhill Road, and then place a pin on the map beside No. 148. Google manages its own address data and generally doesn't license data from local postal authorities. Their updates can sometimes span years, making their service less reliable as an address verification solution.