Once you have a basic Autoaddress plugin working, you will then want to configure it further so that it is seamlessly integrated with your page design.  The Autoaddress plugin is fully configurable and there are a number of ways that developers can use to modify it's behaviour. 

  1. Settings – Control the initial display (including integration type) and settings on page load 
  2. Callbacks – Hook into lifecycle events of the Autoaddress plugin as your end user quickly enters their address. The most useful callback is “onAddressResult” which is invoked when a user has fully entered an address, but there are other callbacks which give advanced users ultimate control over the end user experience.
  3. Functions – Interact programmatically with the Autoaddress plugin, for example on Form submit. 
  4. Styling - Customize the appearance of the Autoaddress plugin to seamlessly blend with the overall design and user experience of your webpage.