Autoaddress Form

We all have an address, and we're very familiar with how addressing works for our home country.  We expect an address form to look a certain way; the number and order of fields, which ones are required, their labels and hint text, etc. 

This is why we have come up with the solution of the Autoaddress form. For over 250 countries, we have designed our address form to match the address layout expected by the end user. This encompasses the primary languages spoken in that country, along with English, and includes region dropdown fields when relevant.

The Autoaddress form effectively replaces your existing address form, optimally localized to display your international customers address, while returning address data in a consistent manner in the background.

A typical address form for United States would look as follows:

Your customers in other countries have similar expectations, but what they expect can be very different from your home address format, for instance:

  • UK, Germany, France and many other countries do not use the equivalent of a State field in their address.  
  • Germany puts the postcode field before the city field, UK does the opposite.  The order of fields for a Japanese address is completely different depending on whether you are entering the address in Japanese or English.
  • Apartments are entered on the first line of the address in UK and France.
  • German addresses write the house number after the street name, not before.
  • Dozens of countries do not use a postcode
  • Belgium addresses are in French, German and Dutch depending on the area. Ireland presents addresses in both English and Irish.
  • Greece, India, Hong Kong and many others use a different script to write their addresses.

If the end user modifies a selected address (e.g. to add apartment information) or enters their address manually, the Autoaddress form conducts validation checks to ensure all required fields are completed, adheres to your character limits, and manages transliterations and other character substitutions to always return an address in the background that is compatible with your address form requirements.