What is Geobiasing?

Geobiasing is a feature that prioritizes addresses based on the customer’s country and location.

Why do we use this?

When your customer starts to type their address we want to ensure that the top options returned via autocomplete are the most likely address they are trying to enter. The most likely address that your customer wants to enter is in their country, and addresses nearer to their current location. 

We give a boost to all addresses in their country, then an extra boost to ones closer to their location, then finally we sort addresses by distance from that location.  For example, if your customer is located in New York they'll see address options for New York above options for California.

The benefit is fewer keystrokes required for your customer to see their address returned by autocomplete.

Biasing vs Filtering

It is important to emphasize that your customer can enter any address in the world from any location in the world.  We don't filter our addresses, they can still enter an address in Australia while located in USA, it will just take them a few more keystrokes than if they were in Australia.