Autocomplete Suggestions

Autocomplete suggestions offer your customers the quickest and most efficient way to input their address.

We combine error correction with geolocation and language bias to suggest an address in the fewest keystrokes. We prioritize local addresses but your customer can still enter any address in the world from any location, in any language and character set in which the address is available.

Our autocomplete has more address intelligence than other solutions:

No code settings

You can use our intuitive interface to choose which countries you want to support, exclude non-residential addresses, etc.

We have multiple no-code settings including:

  • Choosing what data (e.g. Location) is returned with the chosen address
  • Describing your address form required fields and field widths
  • Excluding business names
  • Excluding PO Box addresses


Customers might input partial addresses, such as a street name without the house number, or just the name of an apartment building.  

Let's take a look at a competitor that doesn't have drilldown capability to see what happens when I start to enter the following address:

Hinterseer Straße 22

8346 Ramsau be Berchtesgaden

You can see that some addresses in a different Hinterseer Straße are displayed.  Your customer would need to enter another ten keystrokes for their address to appear.

In Autoaddress, we present drilldowns at the top of our suggestions, with a clear indication that you will see more addresses if you choose the drilldown.

Error correction

Typing errors are common, especially on a mobile, so our custom fuzzy logic handles these errors by suggesting addresses that match the input exactly versus addresses that are closer to your customers location that have a slightly different spelling.

Relevant options

We prioritize relevance in the options presented to your customers. If necessary, we'd prefer to show no options and prompt manual entry rather than display potentially confusing, irrelevant addresses.

Localized prompts

The prompt text for our one-line control is context aware.  It matches the language of your customer and provides a localized prompt to capture their address. 

For example, in the UK postcodes typically contain fifteen addresses so it is common to prompt a use to "Enter postcode or address".  Some examples are shown below:

English - US

English - UK

German - Germany

Greek - Greece

Localized address display

When your customer chooses an address it is displayed in their localized format as they would expect, as shown by our example German address below.  German addresses place the Postcode (PLZ in Germany) field before the City field, which is different to the US or UK standard order of fields.

Localized address display is explained in more detail here.

Localized manual address capture

When customers opt for manual address entry, we present a localized form featuring familiar labels and hint text in their language. The form performs validation to ensure a full address is captured and applys the logic you have described in our My Form Editor to ensure the returned address object is compliant with your address form  and backend CRM requirements.

Localized manual address entry is explained in more detail here.