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  1. Settings

    Introduction Once the Autoaddress control is initialised, you can pass in several settings to customize your experience. There are two settings which are the minimum requirements to be used in your control these are elementId  and you...
  2. Getting Started with the API

  3. Callbacks

    Introduction The Autoaddress plugin is designed with an event-driven architecture, allowing you to enhance its functionality by subscribing to these events. This document serves as a comprehensive guide  for the events within the Autoaddres...
  4. Autocomplete

    The Autocomplete endpoint is used to retrieve a list of suggested addresses from a search query.
  5. Lookup

    The Lookup endpoint is used to retrieve a complete address using an AA3 ID returned from an API call to another endpoint such as Autocomplete or Drilldown.
  6. Create Token

    The Create Token endpoint is used to exchange your API key for an access token that can be used to make API calls to the data endpoints.
  7. Functions

    Introduction Once the Autoaddress control is initialised on your page, you have several functions available to your plugin instance to add extra flexibility and update default settings. You can use these functions at any time after the plugin is i...
  8. API Overview

    Overview These documents describe the Autoaddress 3.0 API, including authentication, HTTP resources and recommended best practices. This content is intended for individuals with web development experience and knowledge of HTTP. The Autoaddress 3.0...
  9. Angular Installation

    Introduction To get your Autoaddress plugin up and running, do the following: Follow the Account Center Sign Up documentation to get set up with an account Generate an API key by following the instructions provided in the Creating an Integr...
  10. GetData

    Overview The Get Data endpoint is used to retrieve additional information about an address. The additional data is customer specific. Please read API Overview first. API Endpoint The Get Data API endpoint won't change. It can be set as a c...